What Sets You Apart From Other Writers?

Claire's voice matters

Yesterday I was almost ready to quit. I’ve been feeling the frustrations of working so very hard and getting nowhere fast, like furiously peddling a stationary bike until every last drop of sweat is on the floor. I’m talking about my writing. For the past two years I have been working day and night to [...]

How to Critique Other Writers’ Work


One of the most useful resources I have had on my creative writing journey is being part of a critique group. In case you’re not sure how they work, here’s the gist of it: A group of writers meets on a regular basis (mine meets bi-weekly) to comment on and discuss each others writing — [...]

On Writing a Novel: the First Draft


I used to be of the naive opinion that once I had written my novel, a quick once-over with my friend Mr. Spell Check and I’d be done and dusted – throw it in the mail kind of thing. Part of me wishes I could remain in that idealistic but entirely unrealistic frame of mind. [...]

Vancouver International Writers Festival a Must for Emerging Writers


  The week of October 18-23 Granville Island in Vancouver, BC, will be all a buzz with the lyrical tones of famous authors such as Elizabeth Hay, Guy Vanderhaeghe, Miriam Toews, David Adams Richards, David Gilmour and Peter Behrens. The Vancouver International Writers Festival (VIWF) features readings, panel discussions, performances and interviews and is a [...]

Experimenting with Poetry

So I wanted to write a short story based on my experiences of working in Switzerland in my early twenties. But as I sat down to write, I found I had a stream of images flowing through my head, rather than strong memories of events. What came out on paper was therefore more of a poem. Now, [...]

Author Readings: Loving the Buzz

TWS Reading Jan 2012

Anyone who read my blog The Shameless face of Self-promotion will remember my mild apprehension, okay quake in my boots apprehension, at the thought of having to deliver my first author reading. Well, it happened. And guess what? I loved it! Never did I think that I would enjoy standing in front of an audience of great writers (who, [...]