How to Find Balance Between Action & Reflection


“We all need to get the balance right between action and reflection.”  ~ Her Majesty the Queen It’s been 14 years since I’ve tuned in to the Queen’s speech on Christmas Day. As a child, myself, my siblings and my grandfather would all have to stop whatever we were doing at 3 pm and be [...]

Books on my Nightstand

Last night I was looking at the books I currently have on my nightstand and I had to smile at how every one of them represents one pocket of my life. Now to be clear, I’m not simultaneously reading all of these books. Some I delve into for occasional insights, like when I need writing inspiration (Bird [...]

Freeing the Cluttered Mind

I have this problem. I sit down at my computer, ready to carve out my 2-3 pages of creative writing and I find myself staring at a blank screen. In the preceding hour or so I have been cooking dinner, cleaning dishes, tidying away toys, bathing the children, getting frustrated because children won’t listen, reading [...]

Author Tips: On Building Relationships and Sharing Your Words With the World

TWS Reading Jan 2012

 If you’re familiar with my blog you will know by now that I am a big believer in writers promoting their work. Regardless of whether you are self-published or have been signed by a publishing house, today’s author is expected to have their own ‘platform,’ like it or not. After all, we work for ourselves [...]

Why Reading is Great for Writers


“If you read good books, when you write, good books will come out of you.” ~ Natalie Goldberg I’m not sure I wholly agree with this Natalie. Reading doesn’t make a person a good writer. You have to have some talent for the craft in the first place. But reading is a teaching tool; well [...]

Author Readings: Loving the Buzz

TWS Reading Jan 2012

Anyone who read my blog The Shameless face of Self-promotion will remember my mild apprehension, okay quake in my boots apprehension, at the thought of having to deliver my first author reading. Well, it happened. And guess what? I loved it! Never did I think that I would enjoy standing in front of an audience of great writers (who, [...]