Writing Process: Abandon Formula


Attend any workshop; read any book on the writing process and you will discover one thing: a formula This formula is a tried and tested route down the yellow brick road that will leave you with a completed novel in one hand and a publishing contract in the other. Almost. If only it was that [...]

Writing, a Journey to Self-Discovery


At an author reading earlier this summer, the speaker discussed her published works, including a collection of short stories. As I am also working on several short stories, I posed the question, “Were all your stories related to one other, and do they need to be?” Her answer was no, they weren’t related and they [...]

Author Readings: Loving the Buzz

TWS Reading Jan 2012

Anyone who read my blog The Shameless face of Self-promotion will remember my mild apprehension, okay quake in my boots apprehension, at the thought of having to deliver my first author reading. Well, it happened. And guess what? I loved it! Never did I think that I would enjoy standing in front of an audience of great writers (who, [...]

Generating New Ideas for Your Writing

Mt. Kilimanjaro

Some writers have lived pretty inspiring lives.  They’ve backpacked through Europe, climbed Kilimanjaro, started multi-million dollar companies, built schools in Africa. You name it; they’ve done it. Others have lived through traumas such as life-threatening illness or losing a loved one. Such life changing experiences shape us into the people we are and provide a banquet of mouth watering [...]