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For those just beginning to explore journaling, and for those interested in turning your personal life story into a published memoir, you'll find everything you need at The Gift of Writing.

When you register for free membership, you'll be automatically enrolled in Soul Writing 101, a 6-week journaling course towards personal growth.

You will also have access to the first three videos in Write Your Way Whole for free. This paid course is for those people wanting to explore their deeper selves using the tool of journaling. If you are struggling in a relationship, experiencing grief or depression, or simply want to know yourself better, this course is for you.

Or maybe you are serious about compiling life events into a completed memoir—either for yourself, your loved ones, or to publish and share with the world. Write Your Story is a paid course that puts that possibility in reach for you, taking you through the process of compiling major themes, stepping stones and key characters, in order to develop the narrative arc of your story. I've included the introduction video to this course for free.

In addition, you will get instant access to three eBooks on developing your creativity and writing your story:

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All of our courses and workshops are designed for you to 'go at your own pace'. Writing your story takes time and requires self-care. By taking this step, you are committing to yourself more than anyone else. You are acknowledging that your story matters. The Gift Of Writing is here to help you make it real. 

Register for Free at The Gift Of Writing, and you'll have instant access to a growing library of eBooks, courses and other resources to help you Write Your Story.

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