Are you interested in learning journaling techniques that will help you gain a deeper knowledge of yourself and your goals?

Discover Who You Really Are

Expressive writing is a powerful and life-changing way to deepen your relationships and live a wholehearted life. Through downloadable materials, audio files and online videos, you will develop your writing skills, connect with the real YOU, heal your relationships, and discover your values, strengths and passions.

Who will benefit

If you are struggling in a relationship, experiencing grief or depression, or simply want to know yourself better and gain some clarity in your life, this course is for you. It will challenge you to engage with your thoughts and emotions, your core values, and your passions and beliefs.

Why it works

Expressive writing—the act of writing down our thoughts, and the feelings we attach to them—has long been proven as an effective method to help people deepen their understanding of self and heal from the past.

Any time we can write out our thoughts, and connect those thoughts to emotions, we gain deeper insight into who we are and the blocks that keep us from living our best life. It isn't enough to just think or talk about these emotions; writing them down enables us to process and understand ourselves in a way that thinking or conversation doesn't allow.

What you'll gain

  • A deeper connection with yourself and your needs 
  • Clarity around your life goals
  • A fresh perspective around key relationships
  • A deeper connection to your creative self
  • Stronger writing skills
  • Knowledge of your core values
  • A personal manifesto to accompany you through life
  • Connection with like-minded writers

What you'll invest

Write Your Way Whole is a life-changing experience for those who enter into the exercises with a willing and open heart. It's hard to put a price on that, but you'll get lifetime access to 16 videos, plus a whole new community to connect with, for just US$147. And if for any reason you change your mind about taking the course after purchasing, simply email within 14 days and you will receive a full refund, no questions asked.

Course Outline

This is a self-directed course, dripped over a four-week period, that you can work through at your own pace, connecting with Claire and the other course participants via a private online forum.


Module One: Getting Comfortable With Journaling

Discover some introductory expressive writing exercises to help you into the journaling waters. We'll go easy in this module, helping you overcome your creative blocks and warm up to some deeper journaling tools.


Module Two: Discovering The Authentic Self

In this module we’ll go deeper with your expressive writing experience. We’ll work on exercises that will better acquaint you with yourself and your life goals, such as free writing, journaling from another's perspective, and dialoguing.


Module Three: Understanding Your Story

If you've ever considered writing your story, you'll learn some of the basic steps for getting started in Module Three. First we'll look at your stepping stone moments—the life events that have made you into the person you are today—then we'll write about one of those moments in detail. We'll also write a letter to someone who has played a key role in your story.


Module Four: Write Your Personal Manifesto

Your personal manifesto is a personal declaration of who you are—your principles, your values and what you believe in. It is the DNA of your deepest self. At the end of this module you will write your manifesto using the information you have gathered about your core values, passions, beliefs, and purpose.

What Students Have Said

  • Claire has a deep knowledge of journaling and gentle presence. This course refined my existing journaling tools and introduced me to new techniques. Claire’s clear teaching, encouragement, and thoughtful questions challenged me to connect more deeply with my own story.
    Johanna Schram, Madison, WI
  • Claire is warm and inviting. You feel safe when you interact with her. She has a manner that puts you at ease so that you feel comfortable in sharing.
    Lori Dupuis, Vancouver, BC
  • I have been writing in journals for years, but Claire’s class caused me to touch a much deeper aspect of journaling than ever before. The class helped unlock me to write more openly and vulnerably, and helped me discover some core values I had never seen before. I would highly recommend this class!
    Cheri White, Omaha, NE
  • I found Claire's approach to the development of writing my Personal Manifesto to be outstanding. Following her guidance through a series of exercises, I found myself, not just with a draft, but with a final version of My Personal Manifesto at the conclusion of the sequence of exercises. I feel fortunate to have encountered Claire, her blog, and her course.
    Carl Slater
  • This course opened up a whole new world of depth, mindfulness, growth, and healing for me. Claire provided concrete tips, steps and processes for making journaling an integral part of my life.
    Jennifer VanderMolen, Grand Rapids, MI
  • I found Claire’s teaching to be very gentle and encouraging, learned exercises to relax and just write, and exercises that required a lot of emotional energy to complete. I feel I have been given a gift in beginning to unlock some of the thoughts that have been stored away in my mind through the tools that Claire taught me.
    Jan Burns, Alexandria, Virginia
  • I was drawn to Claire’s course through the writing on her blog. I appreciated her openness. In the class I found these qualities were real. She also had many good ideas on helping us with our journaling, helping us to look inside, slow down, and notice what we were thinking and feeling. An excellent course.
    Carl McMullen, Bayport, MN

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the course for?

You will have lifetime access to the course.

What is the return policy?

If you are not satisfied for any reason, email me within 14 days for a full questions asked.

What do the lessons look like?

Each lesson is available in video, text and audio formats to allow you to learn in the way you prefer.

Will I have access to the course immediately?

Yes! You will be able to start immediately upon purchasing. I have also made the first three videos available for free in the Be Free content library so you can experience what the course looks like. You can register for free access here.

Each module will be delivered on a weekly basis. Meaning, Module 1 will be available immediately; Module 2 one week later, and so on. This is done to help pace you so you get the most out of the course.

Do I need to be an experienced writer to take the course?

Not at all! This course is not about quality of writing, but rather honesty of writing. The more you can speak your own truth without worrying about how it may sound to others, the more you will get out of the course.

How can I connect with the instructor and other course participants?

You can share your work, ask questions, and connect with other students via the private course forum.

Will I receive feedback from the instructor?

If you have a specific question or concern, please direct this to Claire via the course forum.

Will my writing and responses to the exercises be assessed?

No. Your journaling sessions are for your own personal development. There are no right or wrong answers and you will not be assessed in any way.