Are you ready to write your story?

Writing your story is not as easy as you may think. It’s far more than transcribing journal entries or writing down what happened to you. You may know your story, but do you know how to turn it into a compelling read with all the twists and turns of your favourite novel?

Take Write Your Story and learn how to turn your life experience into a captivating memoir.

Write Your Story is an 11-module self-paced online course for people serious about compiling life events into a completed memoir—either for yourself, your loved ones, or to publish and share with the world. This course puts that possibility in reach for you, taking you through the process of compiling major themes, stepping stones and key characters, in order to develop the narrative arc of your story.

By the end of the course you will have completed a first draft of your story.

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What you'll learn

Write Your Story takes you from the seed of an idea through to publication, and covers everything in between. You'll discover what your story actually is; deal with writer's block and your inner critic; figure out how to write a great scene; discover your theme and narrative arc, and learn all about the editing process.

How you'll learn

You'll learn via video, audio and written lessons, with bonus materials such as interviews with published authors. You'll also connect with Claire and the fellow participants via the private course forum, and will have the option to work with a writing partner. You may also opt to walk through the entire course with Claire, receiving feedback, guidance and advice on all of the writing assignments.

Who will benefit

Whether you've been writing for years or you are just getting started, this course will serve as a companion on your memoir-writing journey. If you know what makes a great scene, you’ll learn how to hone your craft; if you know little about creating scenes you’ll discover the As and Bs of doing so.

The investment

Take this course through a college or writing retreat, and you’ll pay several hundred dollars. Take Write Your Story online and you’ll receive the same instruction, whilst still having the ability to connect, share, and ask questions via the forum, for just US$297. That’s 11 modules, 20+ guided writing assignments and a ton of bonus materials.

Looking for the feedback and personal guidance that comes from working one-on-one with an instructor? Take the mentorship add-on and walk through the entire course with Claire by your side. You’ll receive feedback and guidance on all 24 writing assignments, plus guidance with both your writing and story direction. After purchasing Write Your Story, choose the instructor-led package in the course dashboard to sign-up. The cost to take advantage of this offer is an additional US$1500. In order to provide the best possible one-on-one experience, the number of students accepted for this option will be limited.

Course Outline

This is a self-directed course, dripped over a 21 week period, that you can work through at your own pace, connecting with Claire and the other course participants via a private online forum.

What Students Have Said

  • I started mentoring with Claire tentatively. We quickly fell into a routine that worked perfectly with my schedule. Personal mentoring has allowed me to focus directly on my weaknesses and where I would like to grow. I feel like I have been fast tracked to success. I could not recommend personal mentorship with Claire more. If you are serious about taking your writing to the next level, this is your next step!
    Daniela Schwartz, Writer
  • Claire’s passion for the art of writing and her thorough knowledge of the foundational skills make her an ideal mentor and workshop leader. In addition, I found Claire thoughtful, approachable and kind. All in all, it was a pleasure to have her as my mentor.
    Katherine Wagner, Writer and student in the Southbank Writers Studio
  • It has been my pleasure and privilege to enjoy Claire’s gifts as both mentor and first reader. To the task of literary critique she brings her own practical experience as a gifted writer, her instincts as a seasoned reader, and a dedication to support the original intent of the writer. Her comments are clear, thoughtful and specific, often accompanied by helpful suggestions for tweaking aspects of the work that need attention. The feedback Claire provides always serves to move my work forward and to highlight my voice.
    Janet Fretter, Writer
  • I have been fortunate to have Claire as my mentor as I developed my story. Her keen editor’s eye and gentle feedback steered my fledging attempts in directions I wouldn’t have discovered on my own. Her passion for writing and compassion for writers makes her the perfect helper and guide.
    Genevieve Morck, Student, Southbank Writers Studio
  • Claire went the extra mile to work with me when I was blocked and helped me find a path way through the writing wall. With her mentoring, I was able to finish a first draft of my story.
    Akem, Writer and student in the Southbank Writers Studio
  • Claire always offered great advice and was willing to take the journey with the writer who was trying to put thoughts into words. She is an amazing person and I would love to work with her again!
    Janet Rideout, Writer
  • Claire’s mentoring was immensely helpful to me, not only because of her skill in guiding me in the craft of writing, but also because of her gentle prodding to dig deeper into my own personal journey with the story I was attempting to tell. I found her critiques to be quite specific and useful, but always delivered with kindness and compassion. It was a pleasure to work with Claire as my mentor, and I believe her input truly helped me to take my writing to the next level.
    Jay Bancroft, Writer and student in the Southbank Writers Studio
  • Claire has been an amazing mentor! She took the time to really look at my writing style so she could work with me and ensure that my voice wasn't lost as we worked through the basic elements of writing. But the best part was that she took the time to get to know me as a person as well and that connection made the writing mentorship even stronger and more meaningful.
    Ashli Meynert, Writer and student in the Southbank Writers Studio

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the course?

The lessons will be dripped over a 21-week period, which is the minimum amount of time you can take to complete your book. However, you may wish to take it more slowly, which is absolutely fine. Many writers take several months and even years to write a book. Look upon this course as a companion to guide you through the memoir writing process.

How long will I have access to the course for?

You will have lifetime access to the course.

What is the return policy?

If you are not satisfied for any reason, email me within 30 days for a full questions asked.

What do the lessons look like?

Each lesson is available in video, text and audio formats to allow you to learn in the way you prefer.

Will I have access to the course immediately?

Yes! You will be able to start immediately upon purchasing. Note, however, that each module will be dripped according to its length and the amount of work required. Meaning, the introduction and Module 1 will be available immediately, Module 2 two weeks later, and so on. You’ll find full details of when each lesson is available in the course dashboard. This is done to help pace you so you get the most out of the course and build on each lesson methodically.

Do I need to be an experienced writer to take the course?

No! This course is for both the beginner writer and the more seasoned writer. Those at the beginning of their journey may simply wish to take longer with certain lessons that focus on the mechanics of writing.

How can I connect with the instructor and other course participants?

You can share your work, ask questions, and connect with other students and the course instructor via the private course forum.

Will I receive feedback on my work from the instructor?

You will only receive specific feedback on your work if you purchase the mentorship add on to the course. However you are encouraged to ask questions and share your work with the group throughout the course. You will also receive feedback from your writing partner, should you opt to have one.