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"Your life is not a problem to be solved but a gift to be opened." ~ Wayne Muller

Who Is Writing Your Story?

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I’ve only just begun writing my own story.

I don’t mean literally. Yes, I’m doing that too—the actual setting down of words on paper—but it’s only in recent years that I have actually stepped inside my own story, rather than allowing others to tell me who I am and what I’m worth.

Who is writing your story?

If you had asked me this question 10 years ago I’m not sure if I would have had the self-awareness to know I was living outside of my true self, almost like a shadow. And if I did have that self-awareness, I think I would have been too scared to admit the truth—that I was great at hiding and being who I thought others wanted me to be. I was great at being everyone except myself.

It’s pretty easy to live that way. Look at our culture: media—everything from TV, magazines and radio, to the now dominant social media—tells us how we “should” be living. Follow it all and you can do a great job at impersonating a Kardashian, gossiping like a bachelorette, or acquiring the values of Beyonce.

I speak in jest of course…partly. But there is some truth to fact that media, and our constant exposure to it has a “rub off” effect on the way we live our lives. When we believe—subconsciously or otherwise—that we are supposed to live a certain way, we stop living our own story and step outside the frame into the unknown.

We can’t blame it all on media. Becoming our authentic selves, and knowing what that looks like, is a journey—the longest we will ever take. (tweet that!)« Continue »

A Brief Guide to Kick-Starting Your Memoir: #1 Remembering Details

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#1 Remembering the Details

Of all the writing projects out there I think memoir has to be one of the most challenging.

Here’s why:

1. We have to remember everything we’ve ever done, with all the details (or so we think.)

2. We have to figure out what makes our life so interesting that others will want to read about it.

3. We don’t know where to begin!

4. We have to re-live those memories we would rather forget (ah, yes—the pain of memoir.)

5. We have to deal with all the people who will be really upset when we talk about them publicly.

Over the next month I’ll talk about each of these barriers—these things that keep us in procrastination mode—and how you can overcome them, beginning this week with remembering the details of our story.« Continue »

Why Expressive Writing is Worth the Challenge

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Like most writers I struggle with writers block from time to time. Just yesterday I sat at my desk from 8:30 am until 2:30 pm and only managed to eek out 300 words. That’s right: 6 hours, 300 words. I wasn’t pleased. You may have been there too, in that place where the words won’t […]


Here’s the Best Writing Advice I’ve Ever Been Given

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Have you ever noticed how certain pieces of advice always seem to stick, whilst others trickle through and out our minds with little or no impact? I’ve been writing for many years now and there’s no shortage of writing advice out there, but there are only a few words that have stuck with me over […]