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"Your life is not a problem to be solved but a gift to be opened." ~ Wayne Muller

Never Ever Quit: 20 Quotes to Keep You Going

Winston churchill

I think I must have felt like quitting on many things many times in my life. Who hasn’t?

And some things I have quit. I quit playing piano when I was just ten years old, and considering I began at age five I might actually have been good by now.

I quit dancing at eleven—something else I began at an early age. As children I think this is normal—we are just discovering our interests. But as adults, when we give up on our passions we lose sight of ourselves. Little by little we become less of who we really are.

But that’s something I’m no longer prepared to compromise on.

Once when I was about to give up, I complied a list of quotes that each spoke to me for various reasons and encouraged me to keep going. Today I’m sharing that list with you, in the hopes that if you feel like giving up right now, you will find that extra breath inside to keep pressing forward.

Enjoy. « Continue »

How To Discover Your Dreams Through Writing

book pages yellow leaves of autumn concept

“I listened to the old brag of my heart…I am…I am…I am” ~ Sylvia Plath

“It’s time to start dreaming again.”

This was my entry in my “Dream Journal” of November 2011.

At the time I had no hope for the future.

I was officially diagnosed with depression in the spring of 2011, although my suffering began quite a bit earlier than that. My therapist didn’t recommend that I journal, but I love to write and I thought it would be a great opportunity to help sort out my thoughts.

Writing in my journal became an exercise regimen for me. It allowed me to me yell and scream with my words; it caught my tears; it rang loudly with excitement when joy was back in my heart and I felt that my life had a purpose again. After about six months of devoting myself to a writing practice, I realized that every time I wrote in my journal I was overcome with a soothing sensation. It was like slipping into a bubble bath after a hectic, cold day.« Continue »

How to Write your Personal Manifesto


Do you wish you had a compass for life? Something that could direct your steps and help give you a clue as to which path you need to take? If so, you might want to think about writing your Personal Manifesto. Sometimes life is a lot like feeling your way around in the dark. And with the amount of […]


How Writing Healed My Relationship

mère et fils heureux

He was drifting away from us, or perhaps he was pulling away. I could feel the distance widening between us and it unnerved me. When he was home I would engage my 14 year old son in conversation by asking him simple questions. “How was your day?” “Who did you hang out with at school […]