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"Your life is not a problem to be solved but a gift to be opened." ~ Wayne Muller

How To Be Remarkable

This world is noisy. So much noise we feel consumed by it all. The mail in our inbox competes for attention, along with the needs of our children, bosses, spouses and friendships.

Only if we have a little left in the bucket do we reflect on our own needs.

This seems to be the way of life for so many of us. We all want to be remarkable, to be seen. To be the best. And so we try to do it all, hoping that when we look in the mirror or tell others how life is going, we can appear to be remarkable—someone who will be remembered.

Yet what does being remarkable truly mean? Does it mean climbing to the top in our careers? Being a good parent? Doing something unique that sets us apart from the rest— living up to the “what makes you different” syndrome?

I follow Seth Godin’s blog from time to time. I’ve also also read a few of his books, including The Purple Cow, which is all about standing out and being unique. Here’s a line from his book:

“You’re either a Purple Cow or you’re not. You’re either remarkable or invisible. Make your choice.”

I enjoy Seth’s words but the thought of having to try that hard to be something outside of myself exhausts me. Is this really what it comes down to? Must we try every gimmick possible to stand out so we can be seen in a noisy world? From a marketing and business perspective the answer is yes.

From a personal perspective I think the only way to be remarkable is to be ourselves. (tweet that)

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Why You Need A Vision Not a Dream

Alexander Shustov - Unsplash

“Live your vision and demand your success.” ― Steve Maraboli

Do you ever feel like your dreams are out of reach? Like time is passing by faster than you can keep up, and the dreams that once seemed so clear have become a little blurred around the edges?

I’ve let go of many a dream—like the one I had of singing on Broadway. And the one where I sailed through art college as a hippie designer.

I told myself those dreams were out of reach. I’ve always tended towards the most competitive fields in life, and knowing that millions of others out there had the same dream was far too intimidating.

So I let go. That easily. I decided others had more talent and I allowed those dreams to dissolve into could-have-beens but probably-never-would-have-beens.

I took “the more sensible route.” The one where I wouldn’t face too much rejection or have to push my way to the front of the line.

And that’s when I began to dream just a little less.

The Seed of a Dream

Everyone needs a dream—that image of something better to look forward to, the hope of a life in which we live fully and with joy. For some people that might look like climbing to the top of the career ladder; for others it might be becoming a missionary on the other side of the world. Our dreams are the places in which we shine.

Dreams empower us to move forward in life (tweet that!) Even if that dream is just to climb out of a crappy situation. It’s when we stop dreaming that life becomes stale and we lose hope. We’re only good with the status quo for a short period of time. And then we want change.« Continue »

How Are You Using Your Words?


For the past year or so I’ve been helping a friend through some pretty rough times. She’s been in and out of treatment centres for alcohol abuse and self-harm and her mental health has really suffered as a result. Whenever we’ve been able to meet for coffee or talk on the phone I’ve felt like […]


Ten Soul-Feeding Quotes On Writing (and Life)

Anais Nin quote

You know how some words just get you through a day? How they can be all you need to turn things around and give you a fresh perspective? I collect them now. On Pinterest. Yep. I have a board called “Words to live by,” and when I’m having a bad day I put my feet […]